Health Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Cedarwood Essential OilCedarwood oil comes from three distinct cedar trees, all which make essential oils that have advantages and similar uses. These three trees are the Virginian cedarwood, the Atlas cedarwood, as well as the Texas cedarwood. Every one of these cedar oils is considered by many to possess numerous medicinal and skin care advantages, and is used often in aromatherapy. Be sure to consult with a doctor or health care provider before ingesting an essential oil.

Psychological Advantages of Cedarwood Oil

Atlas cedarwood is considered to produce a quality cedar oil that’s fairly safe for use than Virginian cedarwood. Both have quite the aroma and are considered to be helpful in calming nervousness, feelings of a fearful nature, and reducing anxiety. Atlas cedarwood is believed to help in bringing forth internal strength and fostering bravery.

Cedarwood Benefits Your Skin and Beauty

Cedar oils are considered to have many beauty and skin care gains. Cedar oil is believed to help in clearing acne and rashes. It’s also considered to possess a balancing effect on both greasy and dry skin and hair. It’s believed to modulate the secretion of sebum, considered to be the cause of acne when secreted in surplus. Cedar oil is occasionally used in men’s hair products and is considered by some to be successful in reducing baldness and stimulating hair development. Shampoos including cedar oil are also thought to control dandruff.

Health and Medicinal Advantages of Cedarwood

Some natural health and holistic professionals think that cedarwood essentail oil has vast medicinal advantages. Among the most often believed medicinal advantages are those that affect the respiratory system. Cedar oil is believed to relieve the suffering due to cold and influenza, like congestion and cough. It’s additionally utilized to alleviate the congestion that accompanies bronchitis and sinusitis.

10 Specific Uses for Cedarwood Essential Oil

1) Stress
Inhale directly from the bottle of oil, diffuse the oil, or apply a drop over the eyebrow.

2) Asthma
Massage 1-2 drops into the torso and throat as needed, or daily if you like.

3) Blockage
Cedarwood essential oil can boost our respiratory system considerably. Use 1-2 drops over the problem area, or into the reflex points of one’s feet.

4) Cough
Use 1-2 drops over the throat and torso throughout the day. Additionally, consider oregano or lemon to really kick that cough.

5) Eczema
Use 1-2 drops over the problem skin and contemplate using coconut oil to help watch over and moisturize the skin.

6) Moths
Put a drop on every cloth or cotton ball strip and put or hang them in storage boxes, cabinets, or anywhere you’re concerned about.

7) General Skin Problems
There are numerous applications for skin problems that are external: massaging into the troubled skin spot(s), putting some drops into your bath, massaging it into the reflex points of the feet, and more.

8) Life’s Pressures
Apply a drop over the heart, the forehead, or inhale directly from the bottle as needed to help calm your system and ease stress in your life.

9) Tension
Massage into the regions where your body tends to hold in the tension (some common areas are the head, shoulders, and neck areas), or use #8 as needed.

10) Urinary Disease
Massage 1-2 drops of cedarwood essential oil as needed over the problematic area. Typical usage is several times throughout the day.

There you have it. Now, typically you’ll want to make sure you’re using a quality cedarwood essential oil in order to maximize the benefits, and for that we recommend doTERRA. They are one of the current leaders in high quality essential oils today. Check them out and really think about how much quality can affect your health.