How Geranium Oil Can Benefit Your Health

How Geranium Oil Can Benefit Your HealthDo not be misled by the attractiveness or scent of the geranium. This plant that is frequently seen in gardens and flower boxes holds many medicinal advantages. Geranium essential oil can actually benefit your health in a myriad of ways, but today we’ll cover just a few of the more commonly seen ones.

Geranium oil helps those using it through its haemostatic capabilities. There is a haemostatic agent inside geranium which helps to prevent bleeding, and geranium oil does this quite efficiently.

A natural antiseptic, geranium oil also helps treat sicknesses, for example a sore throat, and it disinfects wounds. Many natural health practitioners propose gargling with a mouthwash including geranium oil to treat a sore throat. Usually not irritating to the skin and often used to clean small wounds, geranium oil may be applied to the wound itself. Some wounds are not easy to treat as they get infected with bacteria which are immune to antibiotics. Researchers say that geranium oil is very useful in treating wounds that are often seen with recurring illnesses.

Enhance Mood and Reduce Anxiety
Geranium oil has natural antidepressant and anxiety alleviating properties. To make the most of these gains distribute it throughout the atmosphere with an aerosol diffuser or attempt to include geranium oil in a tub to soak in.

Insect Repellent
In addition to all its health and mental benefits, insects also repel at the scent of this essential oil. Patricia Davis advocates combining the oil with bergamot, lemon, or citronella to optimize the effects against insects.

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